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What Is an IXL Assignment?

IXL (which comes from "I excel") is a math and language arts practice website for K-12 students that is subscription-based. It is a professional skill tool that enables students to highlight their skills.

It can either be individually or in groups. With an IXL assignment, the students can gain fluency and confidence in math! Students will master essential skills at their own pace through the following features on IXL:

  • Fun and interactive questions,
  • Built-in support, and
  • Motivating awards.

IXL combines curriculum, Continuous Diagnostic, individual guidance, and real-time analytics to help instructors differentiate instruction for their students. Students from public or home schools can equally benefit from this essential tool. The site has unlimited quizzes and tests on various math topics. It also incorporates a comprehensive reporting system to enable learners to gauge their performance.

Some of the assignments on IXL include; skip-count by tens, place value models up to 20, measurement, multiplication, and graph fractions, among others. Does any of these make you panic? We have expert writers to help you develop IXL math answers and answers for IXL answers language arts.

Sample IXL Test Questions And Answers

Math is an overwhelming subject for most students at any academic level. Students can have the correct IXL geometry answers but fail to know how to explain them. Various reasons can contribute to this sad state of affairs, but the major one is how the student will understand the questions. Some brag that with an IXL answer key, they can crack any assignment in a matter of seconds. However, this may not help them per se since they will not grasp the concept altogether.

That is why we provide you with these sample IXL solutions to get you started. Since they are in a step-by-step order, you can easily follow and work them out on your own for practice. Answers to IXL problems should be accurate if you want to get a score. Most students use IXL math cheats from the internet and still fail because they do not understand the concept well.

Do not worry when you get stuck on one of the samples. We have a professional team of math helpers who will explain how we arrived at the IXL answers for teachers or students listed below:

Question 1:

The root jur means law. What does the word juridical mean?

A. Relating to the activities of charities and non-profit organisations

B. Relating to the administation of justice

C. Relating to the engineering and manufacture of a product


B. Relating to the administration of justice

'Juridicial' is defined as relating to the administration of justice. The Juridicial process refers to law as a philosophy or a science, and studies how law is implemented and what it is. Juridicial is different from judicial, because judicial refers to the specific legal process a case goes through.

Question 2:

Roy is putting together a business outfit. There are 5 pairs of trousers and 4 dress shirts to choose from. How many different outfits can Roy put together?


20 outfits.

5 x 4 = 20


In an experiment, the probability that event A occurs is 3/5 and the probability that event B occurs is 2/5.

If A and B are independent events, what is the probability that A and B both occur?

Simplify any fractions.


Events A and B are independent events meaning the probability of each occurring is dependent on the probability of each, and not relative to the occurrence of the other.

Probability of A and B occurring = P(A) x P(B)

P = (3/5) x (2/5)

P = (3 x 2) / (5 x 5)

p = 6/25

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How To Complete Assignments On IXL

If you have an urgent task, I know the itching question right now is how to get IXL answers. However, it is essential to understand the vital components of this digital tool first. It will help you have an easy time when entering solutions to all IXL problems on this site. We provide a step-by-step manual guide with screenshots to assist you in understanding how IXL works. Ensure that you read to the end and where you do not understand, our professional writers are here for you.

All you need to use this digital tool is a computer with a current web browser and an Internet connection. Language arts students (pre-K–5th grade), math students from pre-K–8th grade, and science students from 2nd–5th grade will need headphones.

  • Step 1: Sign In to IXL

You will open the website at, which will lead you to the homepage. Once you are there, the first step will be signing up by entering your student username and password.

Remember that it is the teacher who retrieves the student usernames and passwords from their roster.

  • Step 2: Navigate through the IXL website

After signing in, choose your desired subject and grade level, and click the link to view all practice skills available for a particular grade. Here is an illustration:

Each grade level has a ton of skills that offer comprehensive coverage of the typical curriculum. You can navigate through various grades and click on them to view all the skills available.

If you want to switch subjects, you will click on the Language Arts, Social studies, Spanish, or Science tab at the top of the page.

  • Step 3: Proceed to choose a skill

You can then choose a skill and click the skill name to start practicing it, as illustrated below.

On this page, you will find that the skills are grouped into categories by topic. To quickly go a particular skill, you will use the permanent skill ID in the search bar. Some skills offer practice questions that have images.

To preview any skill, hover your mouse over the skill name to see the sample questions.

  • Step 4: Reading questions and providing answers

It is the crucial part where the IXL answer sheet comes into play. It is the section where you enter your IXL math 7th-grade answer to score a mark. The interface looks like the screenshot below:

You will see where to type your answer after solving a particular question. Once you order your answer, you have to click a submit button at the bottom to get a score. The beauty with IXL is that you will get immediate feedback once you complete each question:



If you do not get the correct answer, you can always review the question to find the correct answer. We have experts who provide excellent tips on how to get test answers online. Who said that IXL is not fun? With all these fantastic features, you can have fun answering questions and checking your grades. If you also need to know how to cheat at IXL, our professional writers will be more than willing to help you.

You can continue practicing on IXL until you reach your Smart score. Every time you master a skill, you will earn a medal. Isn’t that exciting!

The Awards tab at the top menu bar allows you to see your prizes. Every grade in IXL has its math and language arts awards with unique themes. Most challenges on this platform are the number of questions attempted, practice time, and skills mastered.

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