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The Best Place To Find MyFinanceLab Answers

Do you want to find the correct MyFinanceLab answers to score top-notch grades? Well, read on and discover more. Also, as a bonus we’ve added some sample MyFinanceLab answers, prepared by our experts, and a comprehensive guide on how to complete this test on your own.

What Is MyFinanceLab Assignment?

MyFinanceLab is a digital tool from Pearson that helps students do their coursework, complete their homework and take quizzes/tests. This online tool also gives students access to Pearson eText and more features depending on the course set up and instructor-defined choices and preferences.

The device also has helpful resources that you can utilize to find MyFinanceLab solutions. The wide variety of self-study resources available helps students succeed in this course by arriving at the correct finance lab answers.

This course also entails Dynamic Study Modules, a Study Plan, video, animations, and step-by-step examples. You can crack any corporate finance assignment with precise MyFinanceLab homework answers with all these at your disposal. Make the best of your foundations of financial management assignment with this professional guide today.

Sample MyFinanceLab Test Questions And Answers

Examples are crucial in finding the MyFinanceLab discussion case answers by yourself. You cannot claim to grab a concept fully without the help of examples. One critical aspect of this field is preciseness and accuracy in the MyFinanceLab test answers that you write. Remember that finance mainly uses numbers, and as such, accuracy is paramount, one digit can make the difference in a particular test. Another important consideration is the fact that you need to understand the question before attempting it. Most of the MyFinanceLab Excel homework may seem difficult at first, but when you analyze them correctly, you will find the correct answer in no time.

So, explore the examples below and see how our expert writers handle different problems. The steps are easy to follow, and every question has a clear working space. Do not worry if you do not understand all the samples shown on this page. We have proficient writing help to enable you to find Pearson MyFinanceLab answers in no time. Have fun exploring the examples.

Question 1:

Which of the following are typical consequences of good capital budgeting decisions?

A) The firm gains knowledge and experience that may be useful in future decisions.
B) Good capital budgeting decisions help a company define its core competencies.
C) The firm increases in value.
D) All of the above.


D) All of the above.

Good capital budgeting is one of the key elements in running a firm or organization of any kind. Therefore, all of the options present positive outcomes and are relevant. The firm will understand it's own profit and spending, decide what is positive or negative in their budgeting and actions, and finally the firm or company will increase in value and bring in more profits if the budgeting is correct and efficient.

Question 2:

Which of the following sequences is arranged in the correct order, from highest long-term returns to lowest?

A) Small stocks, government bonds, large stocks
B) Small stocks, large stocks, treasury bills
C) Large stocks, treasury bills, small stocks
D) Government bonds, large stocks, treasury bills


B) Small stocks, large stocks, treasury bills

Small stocks have a larger return rate than large stocks or treasury bills, but are considered risky. While small stocks are considered to be of small companies that are riskier, because they might grow rapidly, but equally there is the possibility of failure. Large stocks come next because they are a less risky investment because they are usually larger, more stable companies. Finally, treasury bills are the least risky investment, in fact they are considered to be risk-free, but they bring in the least long-term returns.

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Interactive Guide On Using MyFinanceLab

Is this your first time knowing about MyFinanceLab, and would you like to try it out today? Well, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create an account on this platform and navigate all the way to complete your test and submitting your MyFinanceLab quiz answers. This manual will also show you how to get MyFinanceLab answers in no time! Get ready for an informative and fun learning experience!

Here are some prerequisites before you start using this platform, ensure that you have the following:

  • A valid email address (preferably from your university learning management system)
  • Your course ID (you will get this from your instructor)

You won't require a course ID if you use MyFinanceLab integrated with your campus Blackboard, D2L, or Canvas Learning Management system. You can always purchase your student access code online during the registration process if you do not have one.

Also, be sure to check your browser compatibility with the MyFinanceLab software. There are instances when students cannot enter their business finance MyFinanceLab answers because of browser compatibility issues. Having a compatible browser will ensure optimal performance and thus top grades.

Other considerations include a high-speed and secure internet connection. Now let’s look at the steps to follow before you begin using your MyFinanceLab answer key.

  • Step 1: Register as a student

To complete this action, go to first.

You will see the interface above, which will provide you with various options. Once you open the homepage, click the Student tab, which is right under the Register tab. You will then click on OK. Register Now button on the first Register page.

It will prompt you to enter the Course ID provided by your supervisor or the one you bought. Confirm that the course and the instructor name in the box on the right are correct on the next Register page.

If you forget your account credentials, click Forgot username or password tab. It necessitates the process of having your account details sent to your email right away.

  • Step 2: How to access the course

You can have all your MyFinanceLab answers ready, but if you do not know where to place them, they will be of no use to you. That is why you need to learn how to navigate the Course Page, which allows you to enter MyFinanceLab solutions.

Once you complete the registration process, there are two options for gaining access to your course:

  • Paying online, or
  • Supplying the access code

If you cannot acquire the access code immediately because of financial constraints, you can use the temporary access, which lasts for only 14 days. After the depletion of these days, they will require you to upgrade your account to a fully paid one. It means that you will pay for it. Below is an illustration of this explanation:

When upgrading to the fully paid account, do not create a new one. If you make another account, you will lose your grades and work during the 140-day trial period.

  • Step 3: Entering your course

My Finance Lab homework answers only apply for a specific course in a given question. After registering for your class online, you can always sign in at any time. For you to enter your system, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to
  • Click Sign in

  • Enter your account login details, and then click on Sign In.

You will find the Course page listed in the MyLab / Mastering New Design section. For you to start working on your course, you will click on the course title. It enables you to work out your questions and write the appropriate My Finance Lab quiz answers.

  • Step 4: Navigating the Course page

The menu available on the left side allows you to access all your course content. The various choices available will depend on the preferences of your tutor.

From this interface, you can see when your assignment is due, the different quizzes and tests. You can also access the Multimedia Library to find unique self-study resources.

Do you want to learn how to get test answers online? Scroll down.

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